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How can I create a footer like in the demo

  • 18/11/2015 11:05 AM
  • Articles
Footers are created mostly with widgets and sidebars, so we'll need to concentrate on that. First of all, most of the footers need multiple sidebars, so we'll start with creating them. Our themes have custom sidebar options, so you can create as many as you wish. Here is how to do this:
  1. First of all you need to go to the theme options > Sidebars.
  2. Create a sidebar and save.
  3. After that the new created sidebar will appear in the Appearance>Widgets area.
  4. Here for the new created sidebar you can add the available widgets.
  5. After creating the sidebar you can add the new created sidebar in posts, pages, or even in the layout builder. Check the screenshot
After you add the sidebars you need, and add the widgets you want in them, you'll just need to add the sidebars in the footer (bottom part of your website). Go to the footer options (Usually in theme options or Appearance, depending on your theme) and add the sidebars you need as builder elements. Here is a screenshot of a footer with 4 sidebars: Check the screenshot

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