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Difference between Slim Video and VideoTouch

  • 03/09/2015 9:44 AM
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In this article are described the main differences between VideoTouch theme and SlimVideo  theme.

1. Buddy Press compatibility.   SlimVideo is compatible with Buddy Press when VideoTouch not.   BOoh have front end submission but SlimVideo has a Buddy Press based submission when VideoTouch has a custom one.

2. Why not update VideoTouch.   VideoTouch already has a custom submission so in order to integrate it with buddy press, we will have to change the submission also so the users will have to adapt to the new features, so we decided to create a new theme in order to not have conflict's with VideoTOuch users.

3. With the BuddyPress integration , it gives SlimVideo more user features. It's more made for comunities, like a social network.
  •        4 stlye format's for Video Post's 
  •        Buddy press user features 
  •        Some new slider's and different views
  •        Different design
  •        Some other minor features, mostly related to video display.
4. Both themes are pretty great and all the features are pretty the same except the user submission and user features.  It depend's what the user want, a more simplistic submission and user interface or a more complicated one with more features.

5. VideoTouch has no connection between users. It's just for uploading videos but it gives videotouch a plus for speed because it doesn't use the BuddyPress plugin.

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