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Why we are not using Visual Composer and other third party builders/plugins in our themes

  • 18/08/2017 9:29 AM
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Some of our clients were asking why we are not using builders like Visual Composer, Elementor or any other one. First of all, we are not big fans of third party plugins as lots of times they tend to be not very reliable and secure.
Yes, we've said it. Security of data and information is one of the most important things that we deliver to our clients, and relying on other plugins that we are not responsible for is risky.


  1. Visual Composer XSS Vulnerability
  2. Revolution slider XSS Vulnerability

Yes, maybe some of you say that these are big plugins, very popular and maintained over the time. Yes, we agree that these are quite nice plugins and some people are accustomed to them. Our drag and drop builder experience is very similar to the one of these plugins, but being an in-house built system we can make sure it uses the best practices, load times are better and sometimes the user experience is better.


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