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Pre-roll, image over and text over ads inside player do not work on mobile

  • 27/07/2017 5:48 PM
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Yes, in most cases they don't. Video ads can run automatically on every desktop machine (on every desktop browser). On desktop, there is no restrictions in HTML5 autoplaying video. So, everything works as expected. You click play and preroll starts to play before the “main” video.

Unfortunately, this is not the case on mobile and can’t be changed. Autoplaying HTML5 video is not possible on mobile devices.
When you are on mobile device, you need (as user) interact with mobile device (which triggers touch event), and once the touch event is triggered, than player can autoplay all ads. But, first, user must interact 1 time, as we said. 

The iPhone has own embedded player and does not allow HTML5 video to play in custom player, so every time user need to manually click (touch) play to play the video, and close to exit the video.

Any custom modifications to the player will not bring workaround because of mobile browsers restrictions and Apple restrictions (due to cellular use, mostly because when users browsing on mobile most of them don’t want to start downloading video on page load).

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