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Why videos uploaded from iOS devices to WordPress library won't play

  • 21/03/2017 11:54 AM
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It's a question a lot of users seem to problem with. Unfortunately iOS devices record videos into a format that is not supported by the majority of the browsers: .MOV

Most browser can play .MP4 files though. In order to convert any video from MOV (or any other format) to MP4 (like YouTube, vimeo, etc do) you'll need a server video library installed (like ffmpeg) which requires more resources. Our themes will not convert and do not have any conversion code inside as 95% of the customers do not have these servers and options installed.

Here is a list of the video formats supported by browsers. The Video tag only supports certain filetypes. The .MOV container uses the Quicktime codec which is proprietary Apple software and is not on the list of Media formats supported by the HTML audio and video elements. Browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc) did not include these codecs as they would need to pay Apple for this.

Apple is not a very open company and for now they leave a lot of users with no choice. Hopefully we'll have updates on this soon and we'll be able to run MOV files in the browsers. Till then, we'll have to convert our videos manually or upload them to websites as YouTube and use embeds and URLs from them.

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